Friday, September 11, 2009


I'm really fucking annoyed by people who're annoyed by cursing.
Why can I not say fuck if I want to? For some reason the fact that curse words are just words seems to completely elude everyone. And at one point in time most 'bad' words weren't bad at all. They changed to that over time. Am I the only kid around here who actually knows what the word twat meant back in Old English? Probably. Unfortunately.

I just really don't understand how it's okay for someone to bang their foot into something and say "FUDGE!" or "SHOOT!" or "CRAP!" and not okay for me to do the same and say their actual alternatives.
Actually, how is saying fudge or shoot or crap any better than fuck or shit? A curse word is a profane or obscene word, esp. as used in anger or for emphasis []. Now who decided which word is profane or obscene? Society did. By using certain words in such a certain sense. So if you're using certain words in the same sense as these deemed curse words, does that not make it cursing, too? YES IT DOES, DUMBASS.
And if you're going to sit atop your high horse on stilts and not swear at all then maybe you should revise your normal speech. Here's another definition for you: Profane - characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things; irreligious.
"Oh, my God!"
That's swearing. You're taking God's name in vain. Especially when you go "Oh, my God, I dropped my jellybeans waaaaahhhh!!!"
And, "I swear!"
As in "I swear, this is like the cutest bag I have ever seen!"
Yeah, I don't know how obvious it has to be but when you swear on idiotic things like that, you're not being very pious at all! I'm sure you've seen a cuter bag in your life, and so that makes you oath null and void. Shame on you. You broke your own word just by speaking it.

So don't tell me not to curse, because you're doing it, too. All the time.
And those people who think girls can't/shouldn't curse, please go eat your gender studies textbook. The argument of "we're ladies" is absolutely defunct. Lady, ever heard of gentlemen? I doubt it because apparently it's okay for boys to not be gentlemanly and curse but oh dear, girls HAVE to be ladies. No choice there.
Shoot! Fudge that crap.

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